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Eduardo Delivering Food to a Family in D


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in profound and unprecedented ways. The families to whom we serve and minister have been extremely affected by this current situation.  Many of the Dunwoody Glen & Lacota Apartments’ families are supported by daily wage earners. 

Boxes to Venezuela1.jpg


Venezuelan people are living through one of the most profound HUMANITARIAN CRISES of the last two centuries. They are undergoing a severe shortage of foods and medicines. Most Venezuelans, especially children, cannot obtain adequate nutrition and essential medical care. Due to COVID-19, the crisis is getting worst.

Sheila2 with Children giving Backpacks.j


With schools setting plans for a new school year, albeit with big changes, we invite you to support a child in our community by Becoming a Backpack PROVIDER. We need to support over 300 children in our communities.

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