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Spring of Peace has always been characterized in establishing direct and face-to-face help to the members of the community where we serve. However, as a consequence of Covid-19 and the risks that personalized help implies, we have chosen to open communication spaces online to reach students of all levels who need help (Elementary, Middle, and Highschool). For this we need volunteers to join in this great tutorial task so that the student population is served with the new technology. On your application you can decide if you want to join us online, face to face or both.


Come join us and bring the special gifts and talents that God has blessed you with and experience the joy of being called to work for the kingdom.  We need volunteers to help with all of our activities including the after school programs and evangelism activities. Don't be concerned about the language's barrier because we believe that God will empower you in a mighty way. Participation is a great way to show the love of God to friends from other parts of the world.


This is a great opportunity for the students to be involved with every day's life of the kids in the community. I'm sure that your willingness to be an example and a model to those children in this competitive world would impact the future of many of them. 



Retired or still active? We need you. Please come share you knowledge and skills with children who need it most. The reality is that many of our children are on the low level of expectation at school because their parents cannot help them with home work due to language barrier. Many of the children who are not in our program are unsupervised due to the long working hours of their parents.

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