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Barry Roberts - Chairman


Barry is currently developing and/or assisting with the development several companies including Trinity Green Technologies, a company specializing in the commercialization of late stage technologies in the manufacturing, power generation and environmental industries, Eagle Universal Services, a minority business enterprise engaged in training and facilities management, and JW Demolition, a commercial and industrial demolition company.

Barry holds a law degree from the University of North Carolina and has 30 years’ experience in developing and managing start-up and established companies and projects in the energy, environmental, demolition and recycling industries.

Barry has been married to his wife Kay for nineteen years. Barry and Kay and have two daughters, Jessica 18, and Jamie 16. Barry is a member of Dunwoody Baptist Church where he has served as a Deacon, a member of the Leadership Team, the children’s AWANNA Commander, and is currently active in the Men’s Ministry and as a discipleship leader for 11th and 12th grade boys.

Bob's Naumann headshot.png

Robert (Bob)  Naumann - Treasurer

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Scott Mathis - Secretary

A native of Marietta, Georgia. Scott graduated in 1987 with a BS in Business from Kennesaw State University. He retired from the Clorox Sales Company in 2015 after 26 years of service in various customer service roles. He enjoys traveling, reading and working in the yard.  He is a member of Dunwoody Baptist Church and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


Tom Frost

Born  and  raised  in  Des  Moines,  Iowa.    Met  his  wife,  Heather,  in  Dallas,  Texas  where  she was  the  Church  pianist.   Tom  received  Jesus  into  his  heart  in  Oct  of  1993,  began  the discipling  process  with  Ben  Hill  in  early  1994.    Found  his  calling to  be  a  Disciple  Maker for  Jesus  in  1995.  He  received  that  calling  in  the  2nd  row  of  the  pughes  of  First  Baptist Church  Guanare, Venezuela.    Tom  have  been  married  since  Sept  of  1994  and  have four  beautiful  boys;  Cody,  Dylan,  Blake,  and  Brett. 

Rob M. Schenck Close up_edited.jpg

Robert M. Schenck

Rob  has 22 years of experience in the Bank's Supervision and Regulation Department (S&R); member of FRB Atlanta’s Senior Leadership Team in S&R; the Federal Reserve System’s International Supervision Management Group (ISMG); and the Interagency Country Exposure Review Committee (ICERC). Also has many years of financial services experience both domestically and internationally in line management, commercial banking, asset based lending, private banking, corporate finance, credit risk analysis, and correspondent banking. Also has been Leader/Instructor in various developing country bank supervision/financial stability engagements. Served at U.S. Naval Support Activity, DaNang and Saigon, South Vietnam, followed by service aboard a US aircraft carrier, USS America (CVA 66). Married 45 years, two grown children, and three grandchildren.

Florence  Mathis

Flo is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and graduated in 1976 from Georgia State University with a Business Management Degree.  She worked part time as an accountant while raising her 2 children.  She retired from Adams Brothers, Inc. in 2014 and now enjoys time with her 4 grandchildren. She is a member of Dunwoody Baptist Church and has been assisting in Spring of Peace activities since 2012.

Emilio Acosta

Emilio originally from Cuernavaca, Mexico. Came to this country in 1999, married with three children and a proud grandfather of an 8 months old girl.  After laboring with different companies on landscaping, carwash, Restaurant cook and pool maintenance. He started in 2001 to work in the operational department at Dunwoody Baptist Church and in 2015 became the Operations Director of the church. Right now he lives in Norcross area, Georgia.

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